• The founder Volikakis Nikolaos and our associates created the company to offer our customers an interactive business model that focuses on the combination of spearhead technology in the F1 car to activate marketing methods or any event to lift every Brand Name.               
  • The F1 simulator for rental is an exciting and unique form of entertainment that is ideal for a wide range of events.
  • The Formula 1 motorized world is one of the most popular and profitable sports in the world. It is massively monitored and regularly monitored by millions of people around the world.                                                              At F1SIM SPECIAL EVENTS we support the rental of any F1 simulator with our experienced staff and our goal is the best result of your participation in your event.
  • You and your guests will have the chance to spend a small part of the life of a Formula One single driver. This exciting attraction is ideal for exhibitions, corporate events, product launches and more.


The dimensions:The F1 (full size) car is made of high quality fiberglass, faithful Formula F1 with a length of 4.85 and a width of 1.85 with real tires and wheels. The F1cockpit is available in a size of 2.10 and 1.00 in width.

The steering wheel: Top in dynamics, it brings in the hands of the operator the feedback in their true intensity and in absolute harmony with the vehicle movement (road conditions, dirt, soil or grass, spinning, etc.) giving the pilot (sim / Pilot ) an exciting sense of driving a single-track track.  

The gears: In their actual position, under the steering wheel and in their actual dimensions there are the paddles for the gearbox.  

Pedals: Pedal handling responds to vehicle behavior giving a realistic driving sensation. The pedals are adjustable for their distance from the seat to ensure a comfortable driving position of the stall operator between 155 and 200 cm.      

Sound: Supported by a 5: 1 Dolby surround system, an audio experience that renders in full detail the sound performance of a true Formula 1 engine.  

The image: 1-screen display system 55" 4K offers a pleasant driving experience.